Avery Ellisman
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Avery Ellisman

Fiddler and mandolin player for Smokin' Gun, Choice Pickin's, Hot Rain and the Suzy Miller Band. Avery is one of the most respected Bluegrass musicians in the country. His credits include numerous stage, TV and radio performances, as well as a variety of recordings and productions in Israel and the States. Always ready to jam or accompany stray musicians, Avery is invariably involved in the impromptu sessions of "The Bluegrass Incident" and was the chief instigator, together with Lynn Lewis, of a series of workshops "Bluegrass Ensemble" held at Bikurei Ha'Itim.

Take a listen to Smokin' Gun's C.D. "AFTER THE STORM" which is still (I believe) available directly from Avery himself. If you click on the little white arrow below the cover picture you can hear a snippet from the title track; Avery's composition, "After the Storm".

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