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Jordan Klein

I'm waiting for Jordan's C.V. and photo BUT .....

After a brief exchange of email messages, Jordan Klein appeared at the club during his visit to Israel. He's a very fine banjo player and a pretty hot tenor singer too. Initially accompanied by Paul Graham (mandolin) and myself (Lynn - guitar) we ran through a whole bunch of songs and tunes that we all knew. Towards the end Jordan asked, almost shyly, if we did any gospel music. I explained to him about what I call "secular gospel" which are gospel songs that don't mention ant particular deity which Judi and I often perform in front of "mixed" (reigiously) audiences. BUT we were not personally adverse to singing less secular music. What came out of that was a wonderful (even if I say so myself) trio arrangement of "Angel Band" which gave me goosebumps and I wish we'd recorded it. Let's hope Jordan will return so that we can do just that.

Meanwhile, you might care to visit the web site of Jordan's band Ho'Down Quartet".

For more information or just to say "Hi", why not send an e-mail message to Jordan Klein.

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