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Marc Gittleson

I'm still waiting for Marc to submit his C.V. I don't have a decent picture of Marc so in the meantime, for your entertainment and edification, here is an indecent picture of a him so that we can remember what he looks like .... or not.
Mark has been described as "a broad-shouldered man with a beard" and is usually fronted by his aptly sized guitaron - an acoustic bass guitar used by Mariachi Bands. Marc has accompanied many of our popular folkies such as Jill Rogoff, Ray Scudero and is currently involved with "The Unstrung Heroes" as well as accompanying
Judi 'n' Lynn over the last couple of years at The Jacob's Ladder Festival. Marc is a member of Kibbutz Yotvata but works at Haddassah Hospital, Ein Kerem in the "Mother & Child" wing. He sings and plays other instrument too including the bass recorder and piano.

Marc is a member of The Israel Dulcimer Society.

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