Philip with his laouto
Photograph by Leona Schwartz (his Mother-in law) (c)
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Keen to meet people after arriving in Israel in 1997, I was very pleased to connect with all the great people who hang out at Tzora folk-club nights.  Somewhere in the past I played a bit of bluegrass so its kind of fun to pretend that I can keep up with those bluegrass legends Avery and Lynn when were all there together.  Mostly though, I play either Eastern European, Balkan, Turkish-Macedonian Gypsy (or something like that) music, or else I write quite a bit of music for the theatre.

If youd like to see (and hear) a CD I made in Australia last year,
please visit MACEDONIAN CD Info.
.... and if you want to brush up on your German to check out a band I play with in Switzerland,
please visit SSASSA Home Page.
If you go to "so tönt SSASSA" you can hear snippets from a CD that I made with them (I'm playing bass on the first two tracks) or go to "wir sind SSASSA" and you can read a morsel of biographical trivia in German.

I also like lizards, snakes, birds and creatures of that ilk and take the odd photo here and there.  Here's a Chamaeleon I found in Jordan last year:

Photograph by Philip Griffin (c) - All Rights reserved

Although in Israel only temporarily with his wife, Dom, who is an anchor person with Australian T.V. (actually she looks good enough to be an anchor woman but we won't quibble over diplomatic correctness) Philip has very quickly won the respect of the folk community for his musical professionalism, good humour and snappy dressing - see the photographs in:

Photo Gallery 4

and the farewell concert photographs in

Photo Gallery 5

I actually believe that he dresses that way to invite comments from me which he knows I can't resist.

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