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Jerry Wicentowsky

A Jewish Bluegrass lead singer ............. yet, Jerry arrived in Israel on a non-musical tour with his wife and twin sons and I persuaded him to come to the Folk Club.

As a Bluegrass fanatic, the appearance of Jerry Wicentowski from Milwaulkee, Wisconsin (pronounced "Jerry Vicentovski from Milvaulki, Viskonsin") gave me the biggest rush I've had since visiting The Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival in the U.S. two years ago. Jerry is a superb Bluegrass singer in the traditional style formulated by the late Bill Monroe, with a powerful voice that reflects all the emotions of the music.

Despite the fact that only two and a half songs (Jerry counted) were rehearsed before the performance, Jerry was ably accompanied by Paul Graham (mandolin), Avery Ellisman (fiddle), Philip Griffin (bass guitar) and Lynn Lewis (banjo), and put on a stirring performance, which was well received by our wonderful audience.

Photographs and a video clip of the evening can be found in:

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Jerry is well respected as a vocalist in Bluegrass circles and has played and recorded with some of the biggest names in the genre. He recently formed a new bluegrass band with Andy Statman, Matt Glazer, Akira Satake (Japanese banjo player, who owns Alula Records), and they recorded a demo and put together a promotional package for the IBMA 2000 (International Bluegrass Music Association) convention. He also has a CD out entitled "Lucky Break" recorded with such Bluegrass Greats as Byron Berline, Tim O'Brien, Andy Statman, Scott Vestal and Mark Hembree. Is this a superband or what? You can hear a cut at his web-site by clicking on the CD cover below.

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