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The Band Members

The band was instigated by husband and wife team Tammy and John Worley from Kiryat Tivon, originally from Texas, this couple is the driving force behind the band. They share duties singing and playing the upright bass known as "Bubba" and John also plays mandolin and guitar. Both have been involved with "The Haifalutins" while John has performed with "The Hazel Hill String Band" and "Canaan Country"
Amongst other things, John is a tour guide.

Danny Sherban (fiddle) lives at Mizpe Yodfat, Hazafon and is a water engineer and CEO of Yodfat Engineers (1994) Ltd. He started out on classical violin at a very young age (in Romania) and only became "corrupted" years later in Israel. In the early 70s, Danny played around Tel-Aviv in a trio called "The Three Ravens", and worked with the very young duo of David Broza and his sister Talia.

It was in the late 70's when Menachem Vinegrad introduced David and Danny to banjoist Bob Yellin of "The Greenbriar Boys", at Kibbutz Mahanayim and they created "The Unknown Country Band". And the rest, as they say, is bluegrass history. Along came "Galilee Grass" and later "White and Bluegrass" with other luminaries of the local music scene: Elie ben Meir z''l, Diane Kaplan, Alan Myers and Bob Gregory.

Apart from being great instrumentalists, Danny and David's vocal harmonies are something to behold; both sing lead and tenor.
David Ring (guitar), also comes from Yodfat but is originally from Pennsylvania, USA. He has spent the last 50 years creating sawdust, as a cabinet maker, as well as 18 grandchildren and that in spite of that is still quite lucid and almost sane (his words). Apart from picking his very fine old Martin D45 guitar, David is an exceptional singer and is celebrated for regulating most of the bands vocal harmonies.
Joshua Goodman (guitar), comes from Arizona, USA but now lives in Mevaseret Zion. Guitarist extraordinaire, he's been around the Israel music scene for a long while, adding his expertise and is a font of knowledge on old-timey music. He was an integral part of the band, "The Bean Blosson Boys", fronts "The Hazel Hill String Band" who, amongst other things, provide the music for the regular contra-dance sessions in Jerusalem. By profession Josh is a graphic designer. He also manages the main stage for the main evening concert at the annual Jacob's Ladder Festival.

Born in Israel (the only Sabra in the band), Hillel Mogle (5-String Banjo) , is a resident of Tel Aviv, the youngest member and is retained to keep the average age of the group to under 60 years. Hillel plays a mean 5-string banjo having studied in the States with banjo maestro Alan Mundy and has performed with "Canaan Country", "P-Country", "Country Roads", "Folkland", Maya Johanna and Shay Tochner.
"The Great Mogle": magician, juggler and baloon artist, entertainment for kids: as soon as he starts playing the banjo, the audience magically disappears .... how? .... why? .... magic? ..... lol.
By profession Hillel is an Industrial Engineer and a Certified Quality Manager.

Paul Inbar (fiddle) is originally from Michigan, USA but now lives in Haifa. As a classically trained violinist he has been sucessfully lured into the realm of Bluegrass and Old Timey music. He has played fiddle with John in "The Haifalutins", "The Hazel Hill String Band" and with Lynn in his trio. Just wait until you hear the twin fiddle duets that he performs with Danny.
Paul works as Senior Technical Communicator at Intel Corporation.

.... and Lynn Lewis is from the County of Essex in England, plays mandolin, Dobro, guitar, 5-string banjo and sings lead, baritone and bass. After a flirtation with pop music, playing electic guitar in the late 50s/early 60s he was introduced to bluegrass by "The Beverly Hillbillies" TV show. Starting out on 5-string banjo with "The Gants Hillbilles" and Dobro with "The Malcolm Price Trio" he settled on guitar with "The Clay County Travellers" and "The Southern Ramblers" all of which were frequently heard on the BBC Radio's folk and country music programmes as well as at clubs in and around London. After making aliyah in 1979 he settled on Kibbutz Tzora where he was the long time compere of the Tzora Folk Club, performed with his wife, Judi and later with their bluegrass band "Canaan Country" and his own trio with John and Paul.
A former quantity (building) surveyor, he is now semi-retired, working part time as Senior Draughtsman and Quality Systems Administrator for Tzora Active Systems Ltd.

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