Galilee Thunder flag

Hard drivin’ bluegrass with tight harmonies, banjo pickin’ and sawin’ on the strings.

Galilee Thunder

Photograph by Yehudit Vinegrad.

From left to right: Lynn Lewis, Danny Sherban, John Worley, Tammy Worley, Paul Inbar, David Ring, Joshua Goodman
and Hillel Mogle (kneeling).

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Galilee Thunder established in January 2017 and formed from within the ranks of veteran bluegrass musicians from all over Israel. Most of them have performed or jammed with each other over the last 40 years.

Their repertoire includes songs and tunes from the whole spectrum of bluegrass music; from tight three-part harmony vocals and fast paced instrumental breakdowns to a capella four-part gospel songs, presented with verve, panache and humour.

Just in case you were wondering, name of the band is a tribute to the much admired Ricky Skaggs' band, "Kentucky Thunder".
Other names, which we threw out included "The Paunch Brothers", "Nebbish Mountain", "The Soggy Matzah Boys" .... and having a John, a Paul and a Ring(o) in the band, we could have been "The Bluegrass Beatles" .... lol.

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