Church Street Blues
Written by Norman Blake
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




C / F / |Am G C / | Lord I been hangin' out of town in that low down rain, C / F / |Am / C / | Watchin' good time Charlie friend is drivin' me insane, C / F / |Am G C /| Down on shady Charlotte Street all the green lights look red, C / F / |Am G C | Wish I was back home on the farm in my feather bed.


C / F / | Get myself a rockin' chair, Am G C / | To see if I can lose, F Em Am G | Them thin dime, hard times, F G C / | Hell on Church Street blues.


Found myself a picker friend who's read yesterday's news, Folded up page twenty-one and stuck it in my shoe, Gave a nickle to the poor my good turn for the day, Folded up my own little folder threw it far away.


Lord I wish I had some guitar strings Old Black Diamond brand, I'd string up this old Martin box and go and join some band, But I guess I'll just stay right here just pick and sing a while, Try to make me a little change and give them folks a smile.

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