Close By
Written by Bill Monroe & Winkle Van
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




. |G / D / |G / / / You've gone so far a-way my darling, |C / / / |/ / / / | Each time I think of you I cry, |/ / / / |G / / / | I'll press your picture to my bosom, G / D / |G / / / | Then I'll feel that you're close by.


The years have passed you've not returned dear, Now they say that you have died, But your soul will live forever, Now I know you'll be close by.


I saw you last while you were leaving, The tears from you I tried to hide, You took me in your arms and said dear, Your memory I keep close by.


They've buried you in a lonely graveyard, And a spot they've left beside, Now we'll sleep 'til Jesus calls us, So that we can be close by.

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