Darby's Ram
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




G / C G |G / D / | This old ram he had a horn, it reached up to the moon, |G / C G |G D G / | A man went up in Janua-ry, and he never got back 'til June.


G C G / |G C D / | Wasn't he a big 'un boys, wasn't he a big 'un boys, G / C / |G D / / | Wasn't he a big 'un boys, be-fore they cut him down.


Well the wool that growed on that ram's back, reached up to the sky, Eagles built their nest in it, for I heard the young ones cry.


My daddy had a ol' buck sheep, and you'd hear him say, One of the finest ram's sir, that ever fed on hay.


He had four feet to walk sir, and he had four feet to stand, And every foot he had sir, would cover an acre of land.


Now the butcher man that cut him down, was washed away in the blood, And the little boy that filled the bowl, was drowned away in the flood.

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