Diggy Liggy Lo
Written by J. D. "Jay" Miller & Terry Clement
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




/ |A D A Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo, / |A / E Fell in love at the fais-do-do, (Cajun dance party) / |E / / The pop was cold and the coffee chaud, (fr. hot) / |E / A For Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo.


A |D G D Diggy Liggy Li loved Diggy Liggy Lo, / |A D A Everyone knew he was her beau, / |E / / No one else could ever show, / |E / A / | So much love for Diggy Liggy Lo.


There's a place to find romance, Where they do the Cajun dance, Steal a kiss with ev'ry chance, Show their love with ev'ry glance.



Finally he went to see her pa, Now he's got a pa-in-law, He wooed her where the bayous flow, Now he's got a little Diggy Liggy Lo.


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