Dinkle is a Bum
Written by Lynn Lewis




There's a snakey bend in London's River Lee,
And by it there's a big old wall around factory,
A wall that really lends itself to spray-paint graffiti,
And these four words are written there for all the world to see.


"Dinkle is a Bum" and that's for sure,
These words upon the fact'ry wall for ages will endure,
In Times New Roman lettering so bold and white and pure,
Yes, "Dinkle is a Bum" and that's for sure.


I used to ride the train to work each day,
And stare out of the window as we went along the way,
But suddenly was startled from the view so cold and grey,
The writing on the wall there has something new to say.


I never knew who Dinkle was but he must have been a swine,
To cause someone to vent his anger by the railway line,
In giant letters blazing out just like a neon sign,
Words that from a mile away we all could read just fine.

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This is the actual wall as seen from a nearby footpath.
It's been cleaned up, apparently more than once, so the original did not endure the ages,
and was never actually "Times New Roman" lettering - please allow some poetic license.
I added the graffiti back with a graphics programme.