Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Written by Wayne P. Walker, Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey & Jerry Organ




Well, I've been all around this whole wide world,
Been down to sunny Alabama,
My mama always told me, "Son,
Never let your deal go down".


Oh honey don't let your deal go down,
Don't let your deal go down,
Oh honey don't let your deal go down,
'til your last gold dollar is gone.


Well, the last time I seen that gal of mine,
She was standing in the door,
She said "Honey I'll be a long time gone,
You'll never see your gal no more".


Well, I'm going down the railroad track,
Gonna take my rocking chair,
If these doggone blues don't leave my mind,
I'm gonna rock away from here.

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