Frankie and Johnnie (Leaving Home/You're Gonna Miss Me)




Frankie and Johnnie were sweet hearts, they had a quarrel one day.
Johnny vowed he would leave her, he said he was going away,
Never coming home, goin' away to roam.


Frankie begged and she pleaded, "My love, Johnny, please stay,
Now, oh, my honey, I've done you wrong but please don't go away."
Then Johnny sighed while Frankie cried.


Oh, I'm a-going away, I'm a-goin' to stay, never coming home.
You're gonna miss me, honey, in the days to come,
When the winter winds begin to blow, the ground is covered up (with snow),
(And when) you think of me, you're gonna want me back, your lovin' man,
You're gonna miss me, honey, in the days they say's to come.


Frankie done said to her Johnny, "Now man your hour done come."
'cause from behind her kimono, she drew her forty-four gun.
"This love affair is hard to bear!"


Johnny, he fled down the stairway, "My love, Frankie, don't shoot!"
Frankie done aimed the forty-four while the gun went rooty-toot-toot.
As Johnny fell, then Frankie yelled.



Send for your rubber tired hearses, send for your rubber tired hacks,
Carry my Johnny to the graveyard, I've shot him in the back,
With a great big gun as the preacher begun.


Send for some policeman to take me right away,
Lock me down in the dungeon cell and throw the key away,
My Johnny's dead because he said.


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