Freight Train
Written by
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis
Same chord progression for verse and chorus.




C / / / |G / / / | Freight train freight train goin' so fast, G / / / |C / / / | Freight train freight train goin' so fast, E / / / |F / / Please don't tell what train I'm on, / |C / G / |C / / / | So they won't know where I've gone.


Freight train comin' round the bend, Freight train, freight train, gone again, One of these days turn that train around, And go back to my hometown.


One more place I'd like to be, One more place I'd love to see, To watch those old Blue Ridge Mountains climb, As I ride ol' Number Nine.


When I die please bury me deep, Down at the end of Bleecker Street, So I can hear ol' Number Nine, As she goes rollin' by.


When I'm dead and in my grave, No more good times here I'll crave, Place the stones at my head and feet, And tell them all I've gone to sleep.

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