Gentle River
Written by Todd Rakestraw
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




C Cmaj7 Am7 C I've lived a life full of sorrow, |F / C G | With no where to run or to hide, C Cmaj7 Am7 C Happiness you'll see is borrowed, |F G C All I want is you by my side.


G |C Cmaj7 Am7 C |F / / Gentle river - - take me a-way, / |G / / / |C / / To the time - - of happier days, / |C Cmaj7 Am7 C |F / / All I need - is love and compa-ny, / |C / G |G C Bb C | Gentle river - - bring 'em back to me.


You can spend all your time a'cryin, Listen here I don't need your sympathy, Cause I've made my life to live it, All I need is you here with me.



Gentle river bring em' back to me.

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