The Happy, Sunny Side of Life
Written by J. Wesley Watts & Tillet S. Teddlie




There's a sunny side where no ills betide,
On the road that we must go,
There are pleasant vales verdant hills and dales,
Where sweet flowers ever grow.


On the happy _____ sunny, ____ rolling _____ dales,
___________ happy _____ sunny, pretty rolling dales,
Where the sweetest _______ gladness _____ there ____ prevails,
________________ sweetest joy and gladness ever there prevails,
Where the sunshine ___ lingers _____ on ___ the ___ hills,
Where the sunshine ever lingers on the grand majestic hills,
On the _____ sunny side of life.
On the happy, sunny side of life.


There are shady dells where no gladness dwells,
And the clouds obstruct the view,
But a brighter way like the light of day,
Is waiting there for you.


Let us sing a song as we go along,
Let us banish care and strife,
That the world might know as we onward go,
There's a sunny side of life.

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