Howdy Neighbor, Howdy
Written by James Morris




Howdy neighbor, howdy, get out and come right in,
We'll make a bowl of gravy to sop your biscuits in,
We'll boil a pot of coffee and bake a big fat hen,
We'll cook another country ham and feed a hundred men,

Get the banjo off the wall and tune it up in A,
Play some good ole country songs like grandpa used to play.


Cumberland Gap


Pull your wagon in the yard and turn your donkey loose,
Kick the dog out of the way and watch that fightin' goose,

Get your fiddle down and play a song that I like so,
Somethin' bout an old man Clark, I think his name is Joe.


Old Joe Clark


So howdy neighbor, howdy, come in and sit right down,
Come and tell us all the news and how are things in town,
We're so glad to see you, been wonderin' how you've been,
Everybody's feelin' fine so let the fun begin.


Turkey in the Straw

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