I'll Go Steppin' Too
Written by Tom James & Tony Lee




Don't think that I'll be hangin' 'round while you're havin' fun,
I won't sit here cryin' over you,
From now on when you step out I'll tell you what I'll do,
I'll lock the door, put out the cat and I'll go steppin' too.


Yes I'll go steppin' too, my honey I'll go steppin' too,
I'll lock the door and put out the cat and I'll go steppin' too.


Now every time you come in late and we begin to fight,
You tell me there are more fish in the sea,
But the bait ain't what it used to be and I've got news for you,
Now after this when you step out well I'll go steppin' too.


From now on when you come in and won't say where you've been,
With your hair messed up and your clothes don't fit you right,
Don't start to yell if you find lipstick on me too,
'cos you will know that I have been steppin' just like you.

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