If you don’t know (I ain’t gonna tell yuh)
Written by George Hamilton IV




Well back in the country in my hometown,
I'm the coolest fastest man around,
I got a hot rod car and you oughta see it run.
I went out ridin' with a friend of mine,
We was passin' everybody way down the line,
We were rolling along and boy we was havin' fun.
Suddenly I didn't feel so fine,
‘cos a highway cop pulled up behind,
So I asked my friend if the cop was after me.


And he just sat there a’shakin' all over
like ol' Elvis Prets-eley and said:


Well if you don't know I ain't gonna tell you,
From now on it's up to you feller,
Words don't seem to count at a time like this.


There was a little blonde lived down on the corner,
All the boys thought that she was a goner,
So I got me a date and we went for a ride one night,
We were rolling along and I held her hand,
And I felt just like a grown up man,
‘til she moved on over and hugged me up real tight.
Well I wanted to stop and get and run,
But I didn't wanna miss out on all the fun,
So I asked her to teach me to spoon beneath the moon.


And she just looked up at me
with them great big, beautiful, blue eyes and said:



Well I finally I got wise and learned all the tricks,
And now I'm the coolest cat in the sticks,
And I've got more women than anybody else I know,
I drink hard liquor and I drive fast cars,
And I like pretty gals in smoke filled bars,
I'm a rambling man and I'm always on the go
There's some bootleg liquor bein' sold in town
And the sheriff's been huntin' all around
But nobody knows who the manufacturer is.


He ask me why I drive a ’56 hot rod Coupe DeLuxe,
with three carburetors, a hot-up engine,
high compression heads and overdrive ... HUH!

last chorus:

If you don't know I ain't gonna tell you,
From now on it's up to you feller,
I think you know just what I'm talking about.

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