That High Lonesome Sound
Written by Peter Rowan
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / Well, get your Mama, get your Papa, get your sister, get your brother, |G / D / Aunt Lucy's gonna show Uncle John, |D / / / How to do the boogie-woogie, while kissin' cousins dosie-do, |D / G / Un-til the break of dawn. |G / / / Y'all come with one an-other, just to do a little pickin', |G / D / Every-body now gather round. |D / / / The camp fire's burnin' an' to-night my heart is yearnin', |D / G For the sight of that old camp ground.


/ |C / / / |G / / And that high - - lonesome sound, / |C / / / |D / / When that eve - - nin' sun goes down. / |C / / / |G / / I'm gonna dance - - right off the ground, / |G / D / |G / / / | When I hear the fiddle play that high lonesome sound.


Yeah, come on over, baby, now, I'm sure we're gonna have some fun, Enjoyin' the country view. Toe-tappin' syncopated, music playin' loud, An' the girls are lookin' mighty pretty too. Look at ol' Grand Pappy, he's feelin' kinda snappy, It seems like he just don't care. He's over ninety-three, he's as spry as you or me, Just dancin' to the music in the air.





Well yonder comes a mandolin. And the banjo's right in tune. The bull fiddle's slappin' leather. I'm a'howlin' at the moon. Hey, Mr Fiddle Man, play us all a little jam tune. Yeah, that's the way Monroe says, Uncle Pen taught him to play, Ridin' on the back of a mule.



When I hear the fiddle play that high lonesome sound.

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